Our Whistleblower System

Don't give rule violations a chance!

Compliance is a central topic for the Wortmann Group as part of its corporate culture. Compliance is understood as the keeping of rules and (legal) requirements. Only compliance that is lived enables us to uncover and eliminate irregularities. After all, any damage to our company, our employees and our business partners can only be prevented if rules and standards are respected. Misconduct must therefore be identified at an early stage.

We have introduced a whistleblower system to deal fairly and properly with reports of high-risk violations for the company, its employees and business partners. High-risk violations include, for example, corruption, extortion, embezzlement, theft, and violations of environmental regulations and human rights.

The Wortmann Group will follow up every hint. The highest level of confidentiality and fairness in dealing with the whistleblower will be ensured during the processing.
You can send hints by e-mail to the following address
Reports can be made anonymously or by naming your identity. The reporting office ensures that your identity is treated confidentially and, in particular, is kept secret from Wortmann if you wish to remain anonymous. This is because only the law firm BRANDI Rechtsanwälte, as a reporting office acting independently of us, has access to your information, not Wortmann itself.
Detailed information about the whistleblower system is available here.

Submitting hints - but correctly!


In order to ensure that the transmitted hint is processed appropriately, it is important that the hint is as specific as possible. It is helpful to be guided by the W-questions:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
As a whistleblower, it should be ensured that the information can also be understood by persons outside the relevant field. To this purpose, it is helpful to be available for further questions. If you are willing to do so, but still wish to maintain your anonymity towards the company, our external law firm BRANDI will continue to keep your identity secret.
Note: For complaints, e.g. due to product defects, please continue to use the contacts you already know.